At the December 2015 Functional Forum, Holistic Nutrition Lab’s Andrea Nakayama referred to 2016 as ‘The Year of Empathy’. It seemed to elicit a great response from the audience and so we asked her back in the studio to expand on her thoughts.

We have been a big fan of Andrea‘s work for a year now, one of the major reasons being that she has created a completely scalable education program to help an unlimited number of health professionals reach mastery in the field of Functional Nutrition. It is one thing to be able to deliver great care, but to reverse engineer the process so others can follow in her footsteps consistently.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why empathy is having a comeback in medicine
  • Andrea‘s 8 Part Framework for delivering empathy in a clinical setting
  • The role of intuition in medicine and how to develop it

Andrea made one of her video trainings available free for all listeners and you can access the video training here: goevomed.com/empathy

Andrea Nakayama Empathy


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