About Evolution of Medicine

The Evolution of Medicine is the #1 online resource for integrative practice development programs, clinical education and the latest health technologies.

Our Core Values

We empower doctors and health professionals, to deliver community-focused Integrative Functional Medicine.

Our content platforms feature the top experts including the monthly Functional Forum—the largest integrative medical conference in the world, the Evolution of Medicine Podcast and our annual Evolution of Medicine Summit.

Through our practice development programs and strategic partnerships with the industry’s top resources, we help health professionals like you create profitable, low-overhead community-focused practices that support doctor, patient and planet.

Our approach to practice development:

Our programs were designed to meet the changing needs of today’s integrative functional practices. The tools, systems and resources taught have been used by the world’s most successful doctors to create low-overhead, high-earning, purpose-driven practices. Our goal, like yours, is to help solve chronic disease worldwide. We fulfill this by helping practitioners create practices that thrive—for doctor, patient and planet.

Our Mission

The rates and costs of chronic disease are rising globally. Our current medical model works well for acute illnesses and trauma, but is not adequately equipped to reverse or prevent chronic and degenerative illness.

Our mission is to help evolve humankind beyond chronic disease by empowering health professionals to evolve medicine in their respective communities throughout the world.

We believe Integrative Functional Medicine holds the key to solving this global problem with its upgraded operating system that empowers the patient to play a role in their own health and addresses the root cause of chronic disease.

The EvoMed community works to address the following challenges that prevent this approach from making its real impact.

  • There aren’t enough practitioners who practice Integrative or Functional Medicine.
  • Those practitioners don’t have a scaled business model that can reach all of the people who are suffering from chronic illness in their community.
  • Health consumers aren’t adequately educated as to the availability of Integrative and Functional practitioners or proactive ways to create health.

To this end, our first goal is to empower 100,000 community-focused Integrative Functional practices that treat the root-cause of disease while acting as centers of health creation.

If you are a practitioner, we see you as the key to effectively solving the problem of chronic disease globally, which is why we’ve created a variety of integrated Practice Development Programs to help you succeed in this new era of medicine.

Are you ready to join the movement?

Our Community

Your Evolution of Medicine community supports healthcare professionals from all walks of life including:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Osteopathic Doctors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Health Coaches
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists, and many more.

The common thread among our health professionals is their clear desire to address not only the symptoms but to practice true root-cause resolution medicine. If you feel like you are practicing in isolation, or wish to connect with like-minded health professionals, this is the place to be.

Here’s How To Connect

The Functional Forum is the largest integrative medical conference in the world. Each month, in over 100 US cities and 11 countries around the world, groups of like-minded health professionals gather together in the same space to watch the Functional Forum and engage in active conversation.

About Our Partners

The Evolution of Medicine proudly recommends The Institute for Functional Medicine’s (IFM) educational offerings. IFM works to advance the highest expression of individual health by advocating Functional Medicine as the standard of care. To achieve this goal, their work is primarily focused on education, access, economics, collaboration and development, and research. To learn more visit www.IFM.org/EvoMed.
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Take The First Step Toward Your Dream Practice

Your practice needs (like those of your patients) are individual. To find out which of our products or services can help you fulfill your practice dreams, connect with an Evolution of Medicine Concierge Team member for a free practice assessment session.