To warm up for next week’s Functional Forum Summit, this week on the podcast we connect with Alliance for Natural Health’s Executive Director Gretchen DuBeau.

Those people in the USA that choose to live a healthy lifestyle, working actively to prevent and / or reverse chronic disease can sometimes take for granted the freedom to do so. We only have to look at Europe to see that this is not a given, and fortunately we have organizations like ANH working on our behalf to preserve our freedom of health choice.

In order to bring about the changes we would like to see in medicine, freedom of choice is a bedrock, but we need to continue to work together on retaining those freedoms.

In this podcast you will learn

  • What the Alliance For Natural Health is doing every day to maintain our health freedoms
  • The attacks on our health freedoms and where they come from
  • How we can work together with organizations like ANH to bring about real change to medicine


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