Dr. Pamela Wible is one of the leading voices for the shift from production based medicine to relationship based medicine. We were first introduced to Dr Wible at the Heal Thy Practice Conference in Long Beach, CA, where she was interviewing doctors about their experience in production based medicine.

The story of how she decided what her Eugene, OR practice would look like is an incredible addition to our Micropractice Evolution series and shows off the massive value of a patient centric medical model.


In the last few years, she has gained much recognition (and a spot in this years TEDMED roster) for speaking about a taboo subject in medical circles… Physician Suicide. In this podcast Dr Wible shares some incredibly sad statistics on just how many people this affects and some of the never-spoken-of causes. This has lead to multiple TED talks and media opportunities, and we support Dr Wible 100% in her quest to bring light to these shadows!

In this podcast you will learn

  • The shocking statistics of physician suicide in America. How many doctors and how many patients affected?
  • What are some of the underlying causes of this epidemic
  • How ideal medical care, and micropractices, can solve this issue

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