Earlier in the year we created a series of four podcast document on the key transitions that we see are needed in the paradigm shift medicine is undergoing to get on top of chronic disease.

One of these key transitions is the shift from compliance, a patriarchal concept where the patient plays a passive role in their health, to empowerment, where the patient is an active participant.

Catalyzing this shift are technologies that help to automate and scale the way in which we engage and empower patients. In this first part of the second half of this series we speak to Dr. Priya Kamani an MD turned technologist who is equally passionate about this paradigm shift and has designed a technology to visualize and automate key parts of the functional medicine intake process.

In this podcast you will learn

  • The “4 Key Factors to Empowerment” Dr Kamani learned from her previous company
  • How LivingMatrix radically increases patient engagement and adherence
  • How LivingMatrix can form the backbone of a system to track outcomes and prove Functional Medicine

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