Here at the Functional Forum our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal “Doctor Centric” model to more of an empowerment “Patient Centric” model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

In our first episode in the series, we spoke to Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz who shared some amazing statistics about “adherence” and how their technology can support that work. In this second episode we talk to Freedom Practice Coaching CEO Matt Lowman, a company designed to help any doctor or health professional build a successful functional medicine practice. Some of the systems they teach in their coaching program have a massive impact on “compliance” and empowerment, and it made so much sense to feature Matt as part of this series.

In this podcast you will learn

  • The powerful very personal story that fired up Matt about patients needing to ‘have skin in the game’
  • Why front-loading costs on the first appointment is a big barrier to entry (and what to do about it!)
  • Why selling patients on every appointment wears on the psyche of the practitioner
  • How to set up your packages to incentivize the healthiest patient behaviors

To find out more about Freedom Practice Coaching, please follow this link!
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