Here at the Functional Forum our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal “Doctor Centric” model to more of an empowerment “Patient Centric” model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

If you have been following our work for a while, you know that our co-founder, Gabriel Hoffman, is passionate about this topic, and has spoken on it at the Functional Forum, Functional Forum Summit and more. Gabe has been a health coach for 10 years and in this series we marry the power of coaching to inspire behavior change with the power of technologies to scale and systemize these empowerment structures.


Each week our two co-founders, Gabe Hoffman and James Maskell, will lead a discussion on this crucial topic with CEOs of some of the most technologies tools that we have seen to accelerate the Functional Forum. For our first podcast, we feature Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Gabe’s simple three step strategy to engage patients into their process
  • The abysmal adherence of the current model for supplement prescribing
  • How Healthwave makes it easy for patients to be “compliant”
  • The different stages of building practices and how Healthwave empowers that growth

To find out more about Healthwave, please follow this link!

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