Dr. Laura Brayton has been one of the most consistent supporters of the Functional Forum since even before its inception. Back in 2012, when we started doing practitioner meetups in NYC, Dr. Brayton has always showed up and added value to her colleagues. As a Chiropractor and Nutritionist, she has built a hugely successful practice in Hoboken, NJ serving the entire family, focused on mothers and children.

Her passion for serving this community has recently taken her work to a whole new level with an upcoming book and podcast called “Well Adjusted Mama” which we are already a huge fan of. In this episode we talk “Structure Leads To Function” one of the tenets of Functional Medicine and also of the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Brayton matches a wealth of clinical knowledge to a history of building a very successful local practice, with tons of value for anyone taking time to listen!

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why structure and function are so ‘aligned’
  • Why DCs are uniquely positioned to deliver Functional Medicine
  • How Dr. Brayton has developed a supportive peer group and community around her practice


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