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Last August, our Functional Forum came from the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference in Austin TX. Of all the amazing speakers, we chose to highlight the talk of George Slavich, PhD, a researcher from UCLA’s Stress Lab.

Check out the highlights from his talk here.

His field: Social Genomics: A new area of science that looks at the correlative and causative factors behind social stress, and their effects on gene expression. The answers they are uncovering are fascinating, as are the questions those answers lead us to.

This is a must listen for any health professional passionate about ‘root cause resolution’ and opens up a new paradigm in diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease. UCLA has also developed “STRAIN”, an “X-Ray for Stress” that allows you to compare patients stress objectively. Check it out here.

 What you will learn in this podcast:

  • What is social genomics and what are they measuring?
  • Why the brain and the immune system are so intimately linked?
  • Social isolation vs. diet, exercise and smoking.. what’s worst?


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