Welcome to a podcast that is so powerful, it might cause your head to explode with excitement! We welcome onto the podcast Tyler Lafleur and Blake Bourque, two Louisianians on the cutting edge of the interaction between digital health and functional medicine. Blake is the CEO of Trinity Health, and Tyler is a nurse, Functional Medicine practitioner and President of Belle Diagnostics, and whats more they are offering an opportunity to work with your practice!

Blake and Tyler have a remarkable story to tell, one that shows that even the most unhealthy lifestyles can be empowered to change with the latest in digital technology. Blake and Tyler work with oil riggers, those well paid, strong men than run oil rigs. The are know for being very unhealthy, smoking and eating junk food. They are also so valuable to their employers that they are amongst the first people in the world to have 24 hour remote tracking of their vital signs. The good news is, as this technology gets cheaper and more widely available (think AppleWatch) that this could be a huge driver of behavior change.

This is part of our our two part series on tracking, please also see our podcast on Active Tracking with Mette Dhyrberg.

On this extremely enlightening and encouraging podcast we learned

  • Why their companies got involved in wireless diagnostics
  • The behavioral changes that arise from tracking unhealthy people
  • The incredible implication for Functional Medicine


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