This week on the Functional Forum Podcast, we welcome Dr. Peter Bongiorno, President of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  For several decades now,  the NYANP has been working towards getting NDs licensed in the state of New York.  Their vision is to advance the access to and awareness of Naturopathic Medicine.

They have come up with an innovative way to fund their efforts. On Sunday, October 2nd 9AM-6PM EDT, the NYANP will be hosting a conference accessible to you from anywhere in the world.  Check out NYANP.com to register and for more details conference. Proceeds will help retain the lobbyists working towards the mission of licensed NDs in NY (and you get CEs!).

On this podcast you will hear: 

  • discussion about the theurapeutic order
  • the role of NDs
  • how to build successful models that don’t include insurance

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