Leaders of The kNEW School- The Power of Listening-01

Our new podcast series focused on leading female physicians bringing feminine qualities to medicine continues this weekend with Dr. Tami Meraglia. “Dr Tami MD” rose to fame last year with her best selling book “The Hormone Secret” and lectures across the world on hormones, health and even bio-hacking.

What many practitioners don’t know is that Dr Tami has been a keen proponent of integrative and functional medicine for many years and has built a thriving membership practice in the Seattle area. In this episode we not only looked at what she feels is the key skill to being a great doctor, listening, but also why she started a membership practice and how that practice model provides a more matriarchal framework for patient engagement.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • The key skills practitioners have to learn to be great listeners
  • The best types of questions to ask for real engagement
  • How technology empowers her membership practice


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