Leaders of the kNEW School- Intuition and Community

With such great feedback on our new podcast series, we are thrilled to welcome back Dr. Aviva Romm, who was a speaker on our first Functional Forum Summit in 2014. Unlike previous “Leaders of the kNEW School” like Dr. Kelly Brogan and Dr. Mimi Guarneri, Dr. Romm started not as a doctor, but as a midwife and herbalist, eventually doing her medical training at Yale.

In this podcast we talk about this transition, what she has learned along the way and talk about two massive topics in the shift from patriarchal medicine to a more feminine medicine: intuition and community. Dr Romm’s unique perspective is a breath of fresh air for all health professionals.

In this episode you will learn.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • What Dr. Romm learned in her journey from herbalism to medicine
  • The important role of intuition in her clinical practice
  • The role of community and matriarchy in the new medical paradigm


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