Functional Forum is thrilled to announce a new series of podcasts for February and March 2016 called “Leaders of the kNEW School”. Over the last two years, through our Functional Forum, our two Summits and our podcast we have featured a heroic tribe of (mostly) young, passionate doctors leading medicine towards the new paradigm.

When we took a step back to examine what the common features of this new paradigm were, two things became very clear.

Firstly, through our second Summit “Healthcare from Scratch”, it became clear that the current system and this new paradigm look remarkably different. Whilst the Western medical model is primarily patriarchal in nature (use of force, domination of disease, deterministic and mechanical) the common characteristics of this new paradigm (empowerment, community, nurture, intuition) are decidedly more feminine in nature.

Secondly, there is much value in the new paradigm in knowledge and understanding. How much more effective would medicine be if you..

  • kNEW you were capable of reversing your chronic disease?
  • kNEW your genetic weaknesses and strengths?
  • kNEW the predictive antibodies in your system and what that meant?
  • kNEW other people in your community with the same disease?
  • kNEW yourself so well you didn’t need a doctor?

These two understandings underpin this new podcast series. We have chosen an exciting group of female physicians leading the charge towards a new paradigm in medicine. Over the coming weeks you will hear from industry leaders like Dr. Mimi Guarnieri, Dr. Aviva Romm and many more. For our first episode we speak to holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, author of upcoming book “A Mind of Your Own” and fan favorite on our Summits and Forums.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why the paradigm shift in medicine is towards feminine medicine
  • How we predict and reverse disease before they manifest
  • The powerful role of intuition in cases of complexity



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