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At the very first Functional Forum in February 2014, the first thing that Founder and Host James Maskell gave the rallying cry ‘we need to start acting like we are winning, and stop acting like we are losing’. This simple concept gave the Forum the momentum and energy it needed to become the world’s largest integrative medicine conference.

One of our favorite talks at the AIHM Annual Conference in San Diego this year was cut from the same cloth. John Weeks, with a career spanning over two decades supporting this emerging field, gave an incredible talk called “Connective Tissue: How Integrative Medicine Won” giving a 50 year history of the integrative medicine movement and sharing the people, strategies and timelines that moved integrative medicine to mainstream acceptance.

This is must listen material for every integrative medicine professional, not only cataloging the past but also energizing the future of the movement, in a way that is 100% congruent with the mission and goals of the Functional Forum.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • How and why the movement was born  in the sixties
  • The three major eras of development from 1980 to today
  • Why the health professional of the future will be a change agent

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