If you have been following our work for the last year, you know we have been big supporters of Healthwave. As a technology platform that makes it easy to prescribe professional grade supplements with no overhead requirements and a best in category user experience, we see it as a key tool in the development of a low overhead, high value practice model.

When we started this “Future of Patient Compliance” series, marrying the shift from compliance to empowerment with the technological tools to accelerate it, Kyle Braatz, the CEO of Healthwave was our first guest on the first episode. A year later, Healthwave has undergone a transformation to Fullscript.com. As we find out in this podcast, this is more than a branding change, this represents a massive upgrade in their service, not only adding full online and offline integration of inventory, but now the availability of all product lines on the platform, making it truly brand agnostic.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why an e-prescribe platform is a key part of any integrative micro practice
  • What was the reason for Healthwave to shift to Fullscript
  • Some of the exciting new adherence features of the new service



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