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Welcome back to our popular podcast series entitled “The Future of Patient Compliance” where we document the journey from compliance to empowerment as medicine shifts from a patriarchal model that was a good fit for acute disease, to more of a nurturing, community model that is more suited to chronic disease.

One of our first sponsors on the Functional Forum was Freedom Practice Coaching, who have bemuse the biggest company in the industry for helping doctors transition to a more suitable model for chronic disease care. We have shared some of their best strategies on previous podcasts, but this week we talk about a different area of compliance…. doctor compliance.


How compliant are you with what you need to do to improve your practice? If you are asking patients to change behavior or make investments into their health, how do you comply with your own areas of weakness?


In this podcast we speak with Deborah Matthew, MD a physician leader from North Carolina who speaks openly about what it really took to build a successful practice model, from being just busy to building a profitable, efficient practice.

In this podcast you will learn:
  • Why a busy practice isn’t always a successful practice
  • What it took for this doctor to get out of her own way
  • The key strategies Dr. Matthew took from FPC to take her to success

Freedom Practice Coaching is excited to announce they have a new weekend program to teach practitioners their lead flow and packaging system and have them leave with a 90 day plan to implement. The Functional Forum and Functional Forum community can sign up at vastly discounted rates until the end of April.

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