We have been thrilled at the feedback from our community from our “Future of Patient Compliance” series, where we have started the conversation about how we can shift the conversation on “compliance” to “empowerment” and see how technology can best help us to scale and automate that transition.

More than any other podcast in this series, we are thrilled to bring this interview to you. One of the main reasons for this is that the Functional Forum had a role in bringing this technology into the world. One of our goals at the Forum was to bring together technologists and Functional Medicine doctors to see how those collisions could lead to solutions for our community.

If you have been following the Forum you know about MBODY360, an app that creates a new level of engagement between patient and practitioner. In this episode you will hear from Kari Thorstensen, the creator of the app, and Dr. Vincent Pedre, Functional Medicine physician and digital innovator.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How Kari came to create the underlying technology for MBODY360
  • How MBODY360 tracks actively and passively to create real connection
  • Why MBODY360 has become a key tool in Dr Pedre’s practice



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