Episode #8

Amongst the many problems facing medicine currently, one looms the largest. The two groups that really need medicine to work for them, are being failed by the system. Patients are not getting the care they need to meet the complex, chronic epidemics we now face and doctors have been relegated to cogs in a machine.

Our vision is to change that. We envision a patient centered medical system where physicians are empowered to be a central part of their local health community, ‘quarterbacking’ the care of those people that find themselves to be out of balance. We have been looking for a long time for partners in this endeavor, and in Freedom Practice Coaching, we believe we have found those partners.

Matt Lowman and Charlie Webb, the two principals of FPC, bring expertise in diverse areas and have brought it together to create a business that is inspiring, educating and coaching doctors towards controlling their own destinies and building robust local practices focused on patient empowerment. Matt will be speaking on our November 5th Functional Forum and we took some time to interview them about their innovative system.

What you will learn

  • Their WHY. What is at the heart of Freedom Practice Coaching?
  • How to turn employees into an amazing practice team
  • Why aggressively educating your community is the best way to ensure unending new patients


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