One of our major goals at the Functional Forum and the Functional Forum is to help you build a strong community of engaged, healthy patients around your integrative practice. Back in 2013 I wrote an article for NDNR sharing a cutting edge marketing strategy used by Dr. Jeffrey Gladd to get 60 new patients in one night.

Since then, a number of practices have recreated the success of Dr. Gladd, using the power of movies to move prospective patients into their practice. It is only becoming easier and easier to pull off these events, due to technologies like Tugg that make it easy to schedule and market a movie screening.


Later this fall, we hope to inspire 500 practitioners and meetup groups to do a film screening during the same week and create a remarkable moment in this movement. Do you want to be one of those?

The movie we are recommending is “Escape Fire”, as it is the film Dr. Gladd used and has been the most consistent movie for converting new patients. In this week’s podcast we interview Jillian Burne, one of our most consistent attendees of our NYC Forum, about her experience doing a movie screening this Summer. Although she used a different film, the lessons she learned are invaluable to anyone looking to replicate this system.

Watch this space for the specific week we will be announcing the festival!

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