Episode #12

“Holism is the tendency in nature to form wholes bigger than the sum of the parts through creative evolution”  —Jan Smuts

One of the important bedrocks of Functional Medicine is systems biology, a way of looking at the body that focuses on the interaction between bodily systems. This is a necessary framework for understanding complicated, chronic conditions.


The American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrated Physiology takes this philosophy a step further, looking at deeper levels of systems interaction and holism with a specific focus on the endocrine system and it’s key role in laying the framework for dynamic adaptation. In this enlightening half hour we speak to Kaymar Hedayat MD, the President of this society, about their framework and the implications for optimal endocrine management and standard of care.

What you will learn

  • Why the endocrine system is the most foundational of the human systems
  • The advanced diagnostics and treatments offered within the system
  • How endobiogeny bridges the chasm between Eastern and Western medicine in new ways


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