Creating a Thinking Environment

Episode #21

Dr. Donna Embree has been practicing a Naturopathic Doctor since the mid 1990s, before that she was a childhood educator. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Embree has taught doctors and other practitioners in holistic, bioenergetic and integrative medicine. One area of her teaching that is unique surround best practices in the patient / practitioner relationship.

As our medical model evolves to treat chronic and autoimmune diseases, getting patient ‘compliance’ and engagement is key. There are many strategies that are being used, but none are as effective as creating a “Thinking Environment”, which comes from Nancy Kline’s book “Time to Think”. These strategies can also be used very effectively for creating great communication in your staff team.

What you will learn from this podcast

  • Why a “Thinking Environment” is crucial for optimal communication
  • Why a thinking patient is a ‘compliant’ patient
  • Ways to use this for better team communication


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