We are really excited to welcome back our most popular podcast and Functional Forum guest Matt Lowman from Freedom Practice Coaching, along with co-founder Gabe Hoffman. We answer a question that comes up all the time for doctors doing integrative medicine… who is the competition?

The answers we gave we probably not what you are expecting. The potential for collaboration to build community health is huge, but we have to get over some long held beliefs to take advantage of it. Like my friend JJ Virgin says ‘The Rising Tide Floats All Boats.”

Matt Lowman

In this podcast you will hear some of the practical advantages of working with other likeminded physicians (like reduce the costs of acquiring new patients) and learn about the benefits to starting a Functional Forum local meetup.

Three things you will learn from this podcast

  • Who is your real competition? The doctor down the street?
  • How do you build a collaborative community in your area
  • Why vulnerability with other providers leads to better results


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