This week we are excited to hear from two doctors who have been on the cutting edge of integrative medicine for a combined 80+ years. This is “Colon Hydrotherapy Week” and we look at both the science (both recent and ancient!) behind colon hydrotherapy, but also the practical value of adding this modality into your practice.

First off, Dr. Stephen Holt, who literally wrote the book. Initially trained as an Internal Medicine doctor and Gastoentorologist, Dr. Holt was also doing research on the gut microbiome decades before the Human Microbiome Project came out. He wrote The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy in 2013 and is a passionate advocate for its ongoing use in optimal patient care.

What you will learn

  • The effect of Colon Hydrotherapy on the GI system, especially the microbiome
  • The drug category that took Colon Hydrotherapy out of fashion (and the Merck Manual)
  • Best practices for getting the most out of colon hydrotherapy


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We also feature experienced Naturopath and Chiropractor Dr. Russell Kolbo, who has been practicing Colon Hydrotherapy for 44+ years in his clinic in Washington State. We had a very broad discussion on the value of this modality in a modern practice. We discuss the emerging understanding of the microbiome and how the naturopathic community was way ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding its role in regulation of health.

We also talked about some of the practical aspects of running Colon Hydrotherapy in your practice. You can find out more about Dr Kolbo’s practice and work at his website.


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This podcast series was supported by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists.



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