Max Lugavere

Episode #22

Max Lugavere is on a very personal mission to change the way millennials think about Alzheimer’s prevention. His upcoming film, “Bread Head” looks at the new science on how diet can affect your chance of developing this terrible disease. So far, he has interviewed an amazing array of innovators in this field, and you can help him co-create the rest!

Max just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of this important movie. Unless we make a radical change and can prevent this disease, it looks set to bankrupt every industrialized nation, mainly because it takes 2-3 care givers for every patient.

Please visit his Kickstarter page and help this vision become a reality! This was one of our best podcasts so far.

Max Lugavere
What you will learn from this podcast

  • Why Alzheimer’s prevention is a personal passion for Max
  • The emerging science of prevention and what it means for you
  • How you can play a part in co-creating this movie with Max


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