Episode #9

Where is the leverage in improving population health? Dr. Eden Fromberg is an OB/GYN from NYC and thinks it starts earlier than we think, and has been a passionate advocate for evolving birthing practices for a long time. You might have seen her in the film The Business of Being Born, which had a profound effect on my life. You can see it on Netflix or watch it on YouTube below.

Dr. Fromberg is an amazing doctor and has a ton of value to add to all varieties of practitioners and patients. This podcast covers birthing, functional, structure, visceral, chakras, manipulation and much much more in this broad ranging discussion of “Biointelligence”, a core principle that drives her practice. We cannot recommend her work on this discussion, highly enough!

What you will learn

  • The new science on the microbiome and the birth process (placental microbiome!)
  • What the ‘mechanobiome’ and  why it is so important to overall health
  • How you can improve health, structure and function with basic movement


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