If you have been following the Functional Forum and Functional Forum, you have seen more and more of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. He was interviewed in both our August and September Functional Forums, and was the keynote speaker for our Functional Forum Summit launch in September. We have referred to him as a game changer in medicine, but without the ability to exactly share why or how he is going to change the game.

Well, we are excited to finally break the news! Dr Chatterjee will make his prime time TV debut on BBC1 (in the UK) tonight, Thursday, November 19th, as the star of a new show “Doctor in the House”. Over the next three episodes, Dr Chatterjee will show 5m+ viewers the full power of lifestyle and functional medicine, reversing complex, chronic cases in just four weeks.

Hear the back story of how he got picked for the show, what it was like to do and the impact that this will have on medicine in a critical time for the NHS and all health systems trying to find sustainable solutions for chronic disease.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • The crazy story of how James and Rangan first met
  • How he beat out 900 doctors to become the star of the show
  • A behind the scenes look into a TV show that will change the world.

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