Infinite Wellness

kNew Health with EvoMed and the Functional Forum are implementing a national campaign to increase awareness about functional medicine, showcase and celebrate the impact of practitioners/providers, and rally consumers and employers to get on board with the movement. The core of the campaign is a live event this summer in a city near you!

The local practitioner community is the star of the show

Infinite Wellness

We Want To Do This With You!

The ‘Functional Forum-style’ events will be part rally and part micro-clinic; featuring our practitioner community on stage with music, videos, good vibes and much more – a template for community driven health events that can transform health in your town.

Special Presale Packages For
EvoMed Community Until March 31

kNew Community Leader


  • Featured Speaker Slot at Your Event
  • Acknowledged at VIP Reception
  • Professional Photography of You On Stage
  • Promotional Opportunities at Venue
  • 10 VIP Tickets
  • 100 Event Tickets

kNew Community Organizer


  • Acknowledged from Stage at Live Event
  • Priority Seating at Venue
  • Featured in Community Leadership Photo
  • 6 VIP Tickets
  • 50 Event Tickets

kNew Community Influencer


  • Priority Seating at Venue
  • 3 VIP Tickets
  • 20 Event Tickets

kNew Community Supporter


  • Priority Seating at Venue
  • 1 VIP Ticket
  • 8 Event Tickets

What’s Included?

A kNew Vision For American Healthcare

Want To Be A Speaker?

Ever wanted to share your story in front of a huge live and streaming audience? Have an idea for a talk that will move the needle? Share your ideas here and we will be picking only the best!

Want To Be A Sponsor?

Want to get your name in front of the most health conscious people in your city? In cities all across the country? Whether it’s a single event or a tour sponsorship, register your interest here!

Want To Be A Volunteer?

We will need help at each of the event venues, from checking people in to helping people administer the H1AC testing strips and much more! If you can help out register your interest here!

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