This is a comprehensive listing of resources recommended for health professionals who are interested in building a strong sustainable practice that provides health care which addresses the root-cause of disease.

Each one of these companies, technologies, training programs, and opportunities has been vetted by the Evolution of Medicine team, and determined to be a best in category resource.

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The Evolution of Medicine: Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease and Fall Back in Love with Medicine

  • The Evolution of Medicine is a roadmap for the success of modern integrative practitioners.
  • The information in this book is your guide. It is a master class on moving through a series of steps built to help you soar from frustration and inefficiency to replicable simple solutions and best practices.
  • This is your blueprint to the brave new world of the functional micropractice

The Evolution of Medicine: Practice Accelerator

  • The Practice Accelerator is the quintessential training program. It is a toolkit to teach ambitious, empowered practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build a super successful modern practice.
  • Learn to implement new 24/7 marketing opportunities.
  • Discover how to implement technology to save time and money from Day 1.
  • Save hours every week through patient education models that scale, while offering more effective education to help improve patient compliance.

The Evolution of Medicine: Membership Practice Builder

  • Membership models provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to increase their income, enhance patient relationships and engagement, and turn their practices into a sellable asset.
  • The How-To on Higher Service, Better Revenue & Heck-Yeah Freedom
  • Guaranteed Income: You’ll start each month with a predictable revenue amount, based on how many members you have and the membership price.
  • Stable Client Base: You know exactly who your patients are, when they’ll be coming in, and you can use that information to consistently grow and find new members aligned with your offering. Your patients have long-standing and deeply meaningful relationships with you.

The Future of Hormone Testing

  • During this special webinar, Mark Newman, the creator of the world’s first dried urine test for hormones, will discuss what drove the creative process that resulted in the creation of the DUTCH test – a unique testing method which bridges the gap between existing lab tests, creating a better tool for healthcare practitioners to address the needs of their patients.
  • Additionally, Mark will discuss how the DUTCH test helps practitioners find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their patient’s lives every day.

Living Proof Institute Mentorship

Get a complimentary copy of Sachin Patel’s bestselling book, Perfect Practice: How to Build a Successful Functional Medicine Business, Attract Your Ideal Patients, and Get Paid What You’re Worth and watch Sachin’s Functional Forum Keynote at the Evolution of Primary Care.

  • Learn a heart-centered, comprehensive, and proven cash-based functional medicine model
  • This 12-month program includes personal development, one-on-one business coaching, and clinical mentorship
  • Learn how to leverage digital marketing, social media, webinars, and automation to scale your practice and diversify your revenue stream



  • Help patients learn self-regulation and emotional management skills
  • Use Heart Rate Variability Technology to assess and train patients
  • Understand the science behind Heart Rate Variability and autonomic function
  • Empower patients to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle

Hint Health

  • The leading membership management and billing solution for direct pay healthcare
  • Design, test, and seamlessly scale multiple membership/cash pay pricing strategies
  • End-to-end automation and financial reporting from enrollment through collections
  • Pre-integrated with many EvoMed solutions such as MDHQ and Liberty Direct


  • A cloud-based application that saves up to an hour per patient
  • Pre-populates the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix and automates the Intake process
  • Enhances visualization of data and tracking of patient progress
  • Watch the webinar with LivingMatrix CEO Dr. Priya Kamani

Cerbo EHR

  • The only EMR designed for Functional Medicine
  • Best support and customization for your unique needs
  • Best in category user experience for patient and doctor

Opportunities for Online Training and Education

The Kalish Institute

  • Learn a profitable practice system integrating clinical protocols and practice management tools
  • Develop the confidence to work with any new patient knowing exactly where to start
  • Grow a cash based practice using proven functional medicine lab based supplement programs

Kresser Institute

  • New Training Program in Functional and Ancestral Medicine from Chris Kresser
  • One Year Program includes Online Training and In Person Conferences
  • Learn Chris Kresser’s Awesome High Tech Low Overhead Micropractice Model

Holistic Nutrition Lab

Corporate Wellness

  • Why corporate wellness provides a unique opportunity for any practitioners to build a successful, scaled practice
  • Simple steps to engage local business with the skills, community and resources you already have
  • How to scale and automate this area of your practice to have massive impact on the heath of your community

Host a Satellite Functional Forum Meetup Group

By initiating a local meetup group, you can expect to:

  • Stimulate referrals to and from specialists and other practitioners
  • Develop a community of like minded providers in your area
  • Play a significant part in accelerating the Evolution of Medicine

To learn more, visit where you’ll find training resources how to set up, host, and execute local meetup events.

Take The First Step Toward Your Dream Practice

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