This is a comprehensive list of our products recommended for health professionals who are interested in building a strong sustainable practice that provides health care which addresses the root-cause of disease..

Practice Accelerator

  • The Practice Accelerator is the quintessential training program. It is a toolkit to teach ambitious, empowered practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build a super successful modern practice.
  • Learn to implement new 24/7 marketing opportunities.
  • Discover how to implement technology to save time and money from Day 1.
  • Save hours every week through patient education models that scale, while offering more effective education to help improve patient compliance.

Practice Marketing Implementer

  • The Practice Marketing Implementer PRO Program is a unique, step-by-step blueprint to master practice marketing – without having to be a tech expert or marketing wiz…
  • 7 powerful modules focused on everything you need to spearhead and implement a successful marketing strategy.
  • Add-on module on how to turn your new marketing expertise into a service business promoting local and national practices.
  • Step-by-step execution plans show you how to incorporate the different strategies within the modules immediately into practice and implement a low-stress, coordinated marketing solution to engage patients.
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Take The First Step Toward Your Dream Practice

Your practice needs (like those of your patients) are individual. To find out which of our products or services can help you fulfill your practice dreams, connect with an Evolution of Medicine Concierge Team member for a free practice assessment session.