This is a comprehensive list of our products recommended for health professionals who are interested in building a strong sustainable practice that provides health care which addresses the root-cause of disease..

Practice Accelerator

  • The Practice Accelerator is the quintessential training program. It is a toolkit to teach ambitious, empowered practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build a super successful modern practice.
  • Learn to implement new 24/7 marketing opportunities.
  • Discover how to implement technology to save time and money from Day 1.
  • Save hours every week through patient education models that scale, while offering more effective education to help improve patient compliance.

New Patient GPS

  • Create a steady stream of new patients in only 4 weeks using the top strategies, tools, and tech used by the most successful practices in functional, integrative, naturopathic and holistic medicine.
  • How easy it is to target exactly the type of patients you want, using our one-hour, one-page patient acquisition plan: “The Lean Canvas”.
  • How to take advantage of low cost or free tools like Facebook ads, Eventbrite, and ActiveCampaign to streamline patient education, fill local events, and more.
  • How to pre-educate new patients before their first appointment, so they show up truly committed and ready to transform their health.

Membership Practice Builder

  • Membership models provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to increase their income, enhance patient relationships and engagement, and turn their practices into a sellable asset.
  • The How-To on Higher Service, Better Revenue & Heck-Yeah Freedom
  • Guaranteed Income: You’ll start each month with a predictable revenue amount, based on how many members you have and the membership price.
  • Stable Client Base: You know exactly who your patients are, when they’ll be coming in, and you can use that information to consistently grow and find new members aligned with your offering. Your patients have long-standing and deeply meaningful relationships with you.

Take The First Step Toward Your Dream Practice

Your practice needs (like those of your patients) are individual. To find out which of our products or services can help you fulfill your practice dreams, connect with an Evolution of Medicine Concierge Team member for a free practice assessment session.