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Virtual Practice Pivot Program

Your Quick-Start Guide to Going Virtual With Your Practice

  • Quickly learn what you need to know to transition your practice to a virtual model so you can stop worrying about the future and take action NOW. We’ll have you up and running and back to doing what you love most in no time – SEEING YOUR PATIENTS!
  • Decide what technology is right for you by assessing what you’re currently using and learning more about other platforms that may work better for your unique practice scenario.
  • Learn how to offer unique services and resources that flow out of your passion zones, bring value to your patient base, and help you build digital programs to provide better ongoing care and create revenue for your practice.

What’s Included In The Program?

  • Unlimited Access to Program Portal and Free Resources
  • Virtual Practice Pivot Interactive Guide
  • 5 Execution Plans from the Practice Accelerator
  • Choosing the Right HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine Platform
  • Patient Onboarding and Activation to Virtual Visits
  • Virtual Practice Phone Call and Voicemail Script
  • COVID-19 Town Hall Presentation Video and Slide Deck
  • Email and Social Media Templates for Marketing Your Practice
  • Lean Canvas Business Training

In This Interactive Program, You’ll Discover…

The 3 Must-Have Technologies For Every Virtual Practice

Our clinicians have used these 3 technologies successfully for many years. This system has helped them serve their patients and enhance their care experience, all while reclaiming their time and sanity in their personal lives!

How To Activate Your Patients To Build Revenue Through A Virtual Practice

The Virtual Practice Pivot program will show you how to activate your patients with information custom built around the COVID-19 crisis. It includes free email and social media content to teach your patients how to build a strong immune system and live healthy at home during quarantine.

A Unique Planning Guide To Build the Practice of Your Dreams – Lean Canvas

You will get access to a special Lean Canvas training course to help you reflect, plan and spring into action to create the practice you’ve always wanted, one that allows you to pursue your key passion niches while giving you the life you want personally.

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