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Is Your Practice Working You Overtime?

  • Discover the #1 tool that saves you time while boosting patient compliance
  • Unlock an increased flow of patients coming into your practice
  • Learn the strategies that can help you lead the lifestyle that you recommend to your patients
  • Get the 4 productivity tools for running more efficient practice (Hint: Two Of Them Are Easy To Implement)

Get instant access to the best resources to save you time while delivering more effective care!

After I implemented the big takeaway from James' talk, my new patient referral rates went through the roof.

Alex Carrasco, MD

I feel like I say the same thing over and over to patients and it's not getting through. James' insight has totally transformed the patient experience.

Michael Hoffman,

Just a shoutout of gratitude to the EvoMed team. Because of your advice of "marketing to the right patient" and picking your ideal avatar, my early successes (just opened my doors a month ago!) have snowballed into a cocktail of excitement, confidence, and energy in my small town. Patients are feeling better than they have in years and THAT is the best advertisement ever.

Lara Salyer Smith,

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