2018 is set to be a transformative year for our community, in this blog we announce a new project to deliver functional medicine through employers and insurance companies. We will be hiring health coaches and looking for practitioners like you, to refer to, in (almost) every state. Read to the end to learn how to be a part of this project. We would also love your input on an idea to raise awareness about your work in your community.

There are many reasons to believe 2018 will be the year functional medicine finally takes its rightful place in the healthcare system as the operating system for chronic disease care. If you’ve witnessed, as we have, seemingly “miraculous” disease reversals for a range of chronic illnesses happening consistently at practices across the country, then it makes intuitive sense for this not to be the care of last resort, but the first line of defense. That viewpoint will permeate much further into mainstream medicine in 2018, with the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine outcomes study due to be published in the first half of the year. If the interim results are anything to go by, we will see the confirmation of better outcomes at lower cost for a range of chronic diseases—positioning our community perfectly for the tectonic shift in medicine from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. Our ability to scale this care to people in every town and city in this country, is only possible because the network of functional medicine practices has grown to almost every community. Our recent Success Leaves Clues podcast series featured practitioners in our Practice Accelerator in small towns in Wisconsin, Idaho, Alaska, rural Illinois, Georgia and Alabama. However, despite the best efforts from our whole ecosystem, from practitioners on the ground to authors, podcasters and TV stars, functional medicine has yet to achieve mainstream recognition. Nevermind being paid for in the way that the rest of medicine is paid for: insurance and employers. In 2017, we have been working on a project to co-create something with our practitioner community that will facilitate the delivery of functional medicine to employers and insurance companies, whilst helping our practitioner community maintain their independence (and sanity)! This new project is called KNEW Health and brings together our countrywide doctor network with an army of digital health coaches and a unique technology platform to track the outcomes of our whole practitioner community and bring this care to the masses. Over the last six months, we have been testing the system and the results have been outstanding. Just like in your practices, we are seeing disease reversals, huge changes in chronic disease and inflammation markers and general excitement from our members in finally having access to care they didn’t know was possible. KNEW Health has even signed our first insurance company, and we will be sharing much more about this opportunity in the weeks and months to come. Rest assured, it will be unlike anything that has come before, with functional medicine as the core operating system of the care. The focus will be, quite simply, creating health. By getting members off expensive medications and changing the trajectory of health costs, functional medicine will become indispensable to every medical payer that cares about reducing healthcare costs, and delivering care of the highest value. To launch KNEW Health, we are contemplating a massive awareness campaign about functional medicine across the country, not just through digital tools, streaming content and public relations, but by hosting a live event in a city near you! We imagine these “Functional Forum-style” events to be part rock concert, part rally against chronic disease and part micro-clinic; featuring our practitioner community on stage with music, videos, good vibes and much, much more. The purpose of the event is to connect the movement to consumers and employers who need to be made aware of it, but so far have not gotten the memo. This includes:

  • Your friends and extended family who are currently skeptical about functional medicine
  • Your current patients’ friends and family who are unaware of this type of care
  • Local influencers, from PTA Presidents to local press to community organization leaders
  • Employers in your town and city who are interested in reducing healthcare costs for their employees (every single one of them!)

We also hope these events will galvanize our existing Functional Forum monthly Meetups to become a truly substantial backbone of health in each community, and allow practitioners like you to deliver all sorts of community-driven health events in every zipcode in 2019 and beyond. One of the questions on our mind we could use your help with is about the logistics: Should these country-wide events happen in a 100-seat town hall, 1500-seat music venue or 10000-seat sports stadium? Please comment below or reply via email with your answers to the following questions…

  • Would you attend something like this?
  • Would you be willing to recruit patients from your practice?
  • Would you be willing to recruit from your greater community?
  • How many HR managers or CEOs of local employers do you know?
  • Do you want to be a speaker? What would be your topic?
  • What venues might be a good option in your community?

We very much look forward to hearing from you! Also, in order to facilitate the delivery of care in your community, we will need to hire a ton of functional medicine trained health coaches to man the front lines. If you fit that criteria and are interested in a job doing what you love (from the comfort of your own home) then apply here.

We will also initially need at least one doctor and one nurse practitioner in every state (and then every city), so if you would like to see KNEW Health members either in person at your current practice or via telemedicine at a very competitive hourly rate (while maintaining your independence) then apply here. We hope you are as excited as we are about this, and if you are please consider sharing this blog with your fellow practitioners.

You can also follow the project on Facebook.

Our word or mantra at the Evolution of Medicine and Functional Forum for 2018 is EMERGENCE, because when something comes from the grass roots up, and not the top down, you don’t really know what it will look like… it emerges. But one thing is for sure, we have the winning hand, we just have to play it.