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Thank you for becoming a part of the Evolution of Medicine inner circle – which begins with us welcoming you as an affiliate partner.

You are one of a select few partners who will promote the Evolution of Medicine products.

The following highlights the amazing benefits (and the agreement) between you and the Evolution of Medicine (EOM).

  • First, EOM will pay affiliates a $1000 commission on the Practice Accelerator Program.
  • Second, you are now part of a movement to change the face – and monumentally impact the success – of functional medicine and its practitioners. And that success will exponentially impact everyone in the ecosystem. You are both our partner AND a part of that ripple effect.  So we see you on the winning side twice.

Getting started:

Upon creating your affiliate account through the form below, you will receive a welcome email with relevant information to access your affiliate center account and promotional materials.

Additionally, someone from our team will contact you to answer any questions and to collaborate with you on a specific promotion schedule that maximizes your earning potential.

Your promotional link:

You will receive a unique promotional link to include with all your announcements. This link should be included in ALL your outreach—include it in emails, social media posts, newsletters, etc.

This link is how your community will register for the EOM Accelerator and it will always tag them to you. This is how we track your commissions.

How commissions work:

Commissions will be paid out every 30-days via PayPal for any sales transactions that occurred within the preceding 30-60 days.

For example, you will receive affiliate commission payouts at the end of February for any purchases made in January.

By completing the form below, you agree to be bound by our affiliate agreement.

Welcome to the EOM family!

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