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The Practice Accelerator:
It’s Time To Rewrite Your Practice And Your Lifestyle
This is your fast track to higher efficiency, more time,
more revenue, and a line of patients out the door.
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Successful practitioners aren’t just good clinicians, they also have solid strategies and  knowledge about business and understand how to run a successful practice.
  • There is more demand... and there are more opportunities today than ever before – but the choices, the technology, and the implementation often end up leading to overwhelm.
  • Did you learn practice management in school? Even if you did, many of the strategies that used to work to run a successful practice, even just five years ago, just don’t work the same way any more.
Now is the time for practitioners who are ready to take their practice to
the next level to rocket forward. Humanity is ready for a better approach to health
… and the tech, best practices and knowledge are accessible and achievable.
The Evolution of Medicine’s Practice Accelerator will shift the way you think about:
  • Owning your brand as a leader in your community
  • Building and marketing your practice
  • Serving your patients and ramping up your revenue
  • And succeeding at your true mission as a healthcare professional
It just needs to be a doable, step-by-step plan.
“Despite years of training, a head full of
knowledge and 100’s of positive
experiences working with patients, I was
still afraid to take the leap.  Fortunately, I
heard about the accelerator course and took
a leap of faith and joined. This course has
taken the vision of my practice out of my head and translated it into a practical and implementable model that I am creating at this very moment.”

Shelly Sethi, DO
Dr. Shelly Sethi, PLLC

“Between the practice accelerator and the community built around the program, I saved so much time and was able to hit the ground running. As an associate in a practice, I saw that there were areas where patients fell through the cracks and better systems could have delivered a better experience and quality of care. I knew I wanted to do better than that and that’s where the Practice Accelerator helped me learn how to deliver that.”

Dr. Laura Fiske, DC
New York, NY
“I became part of a community of practitioners all over the world. Through the group, I’ve made connections with people and learned best practices. The Evolution of Medicine has one of the best teams I’ve ever encountered in Functional Medicine. If you’re considering this, do it. You will find so many resources, ideas, and support - all in one place. This is a one stop shop for marketing, billing, different models of practice, and digital media.”

Valerie Hepburn, MD
Jersey City, NJ
Here's Why You've Tried and Failed
You deserve it all: Huge impact in your community, financial security (and the freedom it brings), the ability to make a difference in the world. So why don't you have them yet?

Over the past few years, through our concierge program, the Evolution of Medicine team has spoken with thousands of practitioners who were struggling to build a successful practice.

We dug in a bit deeper to uncover exactly why this was...we discovered that a lot of these practitioners were actually great clinicians and got real results for their patients.

Their issue wasn’t the clinical side of the practice...  
Their real challenge was that they...  
  • Were buried in administrative work…
  • Had no effective systems in place to help the practitioner save time… 
  • Didn’t understand how to market to attract patients on a consistent basis… 
  • Were stuck inefficiently educating all of their patients one-on-one… 
Stop Spinning Your Wheels. It’s Not Guesswork! 
The practitioners who have the most successful practices are
those who practice great medicine

 *** AND ***
Have great systems for patient
education, marketing,
and practice management.
The recent Institute for Functional Medicine "Practice Implementation Survey" revealed the real data for the first time. Here’s what it said about what makes practitioners successful:
  • Practitioners who considered themselves early adopters of in-practice technology made an average $50,000 more per year than those who didn’t
  • 77% of practitioners are spending between $0-250 a month on marketing (many who spent more didn’t know how to best invest their money)
  • The average Functional Medicine doctor was spending so much time per patient that they only saw 7.4 patients per day (12 is the ideal number for revenue... so helping you maximize your time is key to your success)
  • The #1 thing practitioners are looking for is a more efficient patient education system to give them back hours of time AND create bigger impact and compliance
When this survey came out... the writing was on the wall. We had known a lot of this was true from our conversations with practitioners, but now we had data that showed the real difference…
We now had proof that...
Having A Strong Business Model Is The
 #1 Most Important Thing That Will Help You
Offer Your Patients A Higher Level Of Care
The Practice Accelerator is the quintessential training program. It is a toolkit to teach ambitious, empowered practitioners the step-by-step strategies that are working right now to build a super successful modern practice.
  • Learn to implement new 24/7 marketing opportunities.
  • Discover how to implement technology to save time and money from Day 1.
  • Save hours every week through patient education models that scale, while offering more effective education to help improve patient compliance.
  • Use automation to attract, educate, and enroll prospective patients.
  • Get the outline and blueprint to host low-cost events that position you as a community leader, provide more value to your patients, and double as marketing.
  • Build your practitioner referral network in a way that provides an upsurge of new patient leads into your practice.
  • Learn how to effectively use email autoresponders to attract new patients, educate your current patients, reactivate inactive patients, and improve patient adherence.
You are a great clinician…. Here’s where the problem arises:
Traditional Education For Health Professionals Doesn’t Teach You How To Build A Successful Practice (Or Prepare You To Be An Entrepreneur)
While you were in school, the focus was on giving you the clinical knowledge and experience for you to effectively treat your patients and clients.

It’s helped make you the practitioner that you are today.

What it didn’t do was give you the latest strategies that are working to build a modern practice.
Even if they did, the information would have been outdated…

There are a lot of strategies that are taught that used to work for patient education, attracting new patients into the practice and building a successful practice.

Now, in the online and the hyper-connected world… the rules have changed.
But wow, what an opportunity
IF you had the right technology and know-how, right?
How Did This Get Started? 
We ran a poll asking practitioners how we could help them be more successful in practice, and we got an overwhelming response...

Literally hundreds of practitioners reached out asking us to build a simple to execute online educational experience to teach them step-by-step the strategies that are working right now to build a modern practice.

So, we listened and launched a pilot version of the Practice Accelerator,
and opened it to only 100 practitioners…
The 4 top results they achieved and shared were life altering.
  • Practitioners had more free time to spend ON their business...
  • They had a higher patient compliance and success rate…
  • They saw that their practices generated a higher revenue month-in & month-out
  • Most importantly, they created a more balanced lifestyle with time to love life!
They just needed an achievable step-by-step plan, some serious mentorship, and a community of other elevated practitioners ready to share real-time ideas and successful strategies.

Here's what some of the accelerator participants shared...
"This course has single-handedly
allowed me to pursue my dream of starting my own practice in functional addiction  medicine in a lower stressful manner and  years earlier than I thought possible.”

Aimie Apigian, MD
Portland, OR
“Now I can see a clear path to success
and the best part is it’s
nothing salesy or cheesey…”

 Sara DeFrancesco, ND, LAc
Thriving Force Natural Medicine
“The accelerator gives me a community where I can be honest and inquiring…” 

David Gordon, MD
Integrative Medicine of Cherry Creek
The Practice Accelerator is your launching point to your highest success and greatest impact. Let’s get started. 
  • Move At Your Own Pace!  The Practice Accelerator is a live online training program and community where you can implement the latest practice development strategies at your own pace.
  • Get info on building practice efficiency, patient education, and practice marketing from the leaders in the industry through four powerful online modules.
  • Valuable instructional videos demonstrating the how-to on incorporating the different strategies within each module.
  • Step-by-step, simple-to-use power tools, including: exclusive podcast interviews, swipe copy templates, email and phone scripts, checklists, PDF resources, and the transcripts/slidedecks from the lesson recordings.
  • Access to James AND the successful peer community through a private Facebook group.  This gives participants a way to work with James Maskell and the entire EvoMed Team – plus offers peer-to-peer support and a platform to share their victories.
Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for you
in the Practice Accelerator:
Module 1: Setting The Right Foundation
The shift from practitioner to entrepreneur requires a fresh mindset and a new approach to understand your role in building an efficient and successful practice.

This module gets you started on building the core technology of the email autoresponder that we will expand on throughout the next modules.
  • Know the key actions to take to “work ON your practice” so that you can ensure that you meet your goals.
  • Understand the roadblocks facing practitioners interested in building a practice around root-cause resolution and community health
  • Deploy the provided 10-email autoresponder series to effectively introduce every prospective patient to your practice.
Module 2: Systems That Save Time & Increase Revenue
Many practitioners are wearing way too many hats in their practice, and spending hours and hours a week doing tasks that can either be performed by someone else, or automated through technology.

This module makes your practice more efficient so you can save time and focus on the work that is most important and that you enjoy:
  • How to incorporate technologies that can each save you at least 2-4 hours a week (sometimes more) in practice.
  • How to harness the power of groups to leverage your time and improve patient outcomes, adherence, and accessibility.
  • The ideal way to structure your provider team that ensures both your patient’s success and an increased time-efficiency in your practice.
Module 3: Scale Your Patient Education
As rewarding as the one-on-one time spent with your patients is, not only is it not scalable or time-efficient… it’s also not the most effective way to educate your patients.

This module focuses on how you can scale your patient education, offer resources for patients to educate themselves in their own time, and create systems in your practice that ensure that your patients’ knowledge isn’t solely dependent on you:
  • How to pre-educate your patients before they come into your practice so they start off ready to make real changes to their health habits.
  • How to automate your patient education process for the most common health challenges that you see within your practice.
  • Discover 4 different easy-to-implement models to run group education (saving you time while creating a better and interactive patient experience)
Module 4: Marketing & Automation For The Modern Practice
In this module, we demonstrate how you can create experiences that are automated, online, and in person that ‘market’ through teaching – and function to drive new patients into your practice:
  • 5 types of community events that are easy to run (and that double as marketing – driving members of your local community into your practice)... many of these cost very little or no money.
  • How to reactivate currently inactive patients so they become like a ‘new’ patient.
  • The 4 types of marketing communications (both online and offline) that can turn curious individuals into new patients excited to work with you.  
  • How to design the ‘perfect first-visit’ experience that converts first-time interested individuals into long-term patients.
What Else Comes With The
Practice Accelerator To Support You?
  •  Connect with and receive support from a community of forward-thinking practitioners.
  • Regular group coaching calls to receive individualized support with specific challenges that you are facing in your practice.
  • Exclusive podcast episodes with industry experts who reveal the strategies that they’ve used to create massively successful practices.
  • Sample templates, scripts, checklists and PDF resources IMMEDIATELY available to use directly in your practice.
  • Fast Reference Tool:   Transcripts from the module lessons so you can quickly refer back to sections of different modules at a later time.
Imagine when you...
Save more time in practice...
Automate lots of administrative work...
AND enroll more patients...

How Much Would That Be Worth To You?
Do this math for yourself...
  • You know your practice well, how much your time is worth?
  • How much is each patient is worth?
  • How much are the long line of patients you have not yet discovered or engaged worth?
  • If you were able to automate certain aspects of your practice and gain 4 hours a week... how much would that be worth to you in a year? (Think... your hourly rate x 4 x 52 weeks)
  • If you were able to consistently attract just 3 more patients (above your average) each month... how much would that be worth to you? (Think… the average lifetime value of each patient x 3 x 12)
  • If you were able to offer high quality, automated education to every patient saving over 100 hours a year... how much would that be worth to you?
What's The Investment? Less Than A College Course.
Here's What's Included
This is your roadmap to fast-track success for modern practitioners. Once you've completed your enrollment, you will have immediate access to the program.
  • Instant Access to the Practice Accelerator Program
  • 4 powerful modules focused on practice efficiency, patient education, practice marketing, and more!
  • Step-by-step instructional videos demonstrating how to incorporate the different strategies within the modules.
  • Regular group coaching calls
  • Exclusive podcast episodes with industry experts who reveal the strategies that they’ve used to create massively successful practices.
  • Sample templates, scripts, checklists and PDF resources that you can use directly in your practice.
  • Transcripts from the module lessons so you can quickly refer back to sections of different modules at a later time.
  • A private Facebook group offering direct access to James Maskell and the entire EvoMed Team – plus peer-to-peer support.
4 Payments of $897
But Wait, Will This Work For My Practice?
The whole Evolution of Medicine team (including the founder James Maskell) has been working hard to make sure that this is not “just a good online training”, but something that has the potential to offer life-changing and career-changing benefits to health professionals.

Our mission is to empower practitioners to reduce chronic disease worldwide – and if we didn’t think we can help you build a more successful practice, we wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

You can be a seasoned practitioner who already has a stream of patients, or someone who is looking to build a practice from scratch...

... if you participate in the modules and implement the strategies in the program, the Practice Practice Accelerator will help you to succeed.
Will The Accelerator Work For Me
If I’m Not An MD Or An ND?
The short answer is YES.

If you have a practice and are looking for automated ways to attract more patients or clients into your business, then...YES

If you want to educate your patients in a way that gives them the best chance to reach their health goals and takes none of your time, then...YES

If you want to automate administrative tasks to save time, money, and headaches so you can focus on the work that’s most important, then...YES

The foundations of building a successful practice are the same no matter what type of practitioner you are.

Through the first two rounds of our Practice Accelerator course, we saw nutritionists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, health coaches, dieticians, medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors all come through and get information that is now transforming their practice.
Got Questions?
Call Us At (646) 450-4731 Or Use The Chat Widget At The Bottom
  • What if I don’t have a practice yet? Will this help me figure out how to get started? Yes, this could be the most critical decision you'll ever make. Starting a practice takes a lot of time, effort and energy... and most practitioners start without having any real guidance, and it can take years for them to figure out what works. The Practice Accelerator can start you off on the right track.
  • Will the Accelerator work for me? I’ve joined other programs and they didn’t do anything. How is this different? We learned from two pilots to give practical, actionable steps that you can put in play right away... within a couple hours you have a working email autoresponder.
  • Will I actually get to connect with James and the EvoMed team? Yes, James and the whole Evolution of Medicine team are very responsive in the private Facebook group, and there are typically 2-3 team members on each one of the Group Coaching Calls.
  • What if I am already successful or if I have my own systems and processes?  This is a great starting point – many of our participants come in with some success already in place. But the truth is that success is always a moving target!  By bringing you industry insights & experts, new marketing strategies, tools and processes, we support you to stay on top of your game and a leader in your field and community.
  • I have a brick-and-mortar practice—can the Practice Accelerator help me? Of course, whether you have a brick-and-mortar practice or are building a telemedicine practice, we’ll demonstrate the best strategies to scale your patient education, upgrade your marketing, and implement systems that save you time in practice.
  • I work with a business partner. Can we take the accelerator together? We highly encourage you to involve your business partner and team, because those who are most successful, travel together.
  • What if I don’t like the Accelerator? Do you have a refund policy? Yes. 100%. If you attend the modules and the coaching sessions, utilize the resources in the different modules, and still don’t feel like you can make your investment back from the content, we're happy to issue a refund.
Just Listen To What Some Of The
Practice Accelerator Students Are Saying

“The Practice Accelerator course has put my practice on the road to success. Hard work together with great guidance from the Practice Accelerator course has allowed me to use my staff more efficiently through health coaching, build an awesome auto-responder, and given me one-on-one feedback on my website. Hard Work= Success for my patients and for our practice!! And the journey is just beginning…”  

Casey Tramp, MD
Olathe, KS

"This course has single-handedly allowed me to pursue my dream of starting my own practice in functional addiction medicine in a lower stressful manner and years earlier than I thought possible. The course walked me through the an otherwise murky process, showing me what would give me the biggest impact for my time and finances. After the first module of the course, I started a Functional Medicine Meetup group with an overwhelming response. Within 2 weeks, 30 people in my community, none of whom I know, have signed up for the meet-up. I am excited to see what the response will be when I start advertising in the way that the course suggested! I have a website going up in the next 2 weeks following the suggestions from the course, and have implemented a means to get high conversion rate through community involvement, website traffic, and social media. The course has given me the skills, knowledge and resources to start my own practice in functional addiction medicine with confidence, something I did not imagine possible. I am connected with a group of people from whom I can collaborate and continue to get ideas and encouragement from."

Aimie Apigian, MD
Portland, OR

“When I began the Practice Accelerator, my biggest problem was marketing. I knew how to help people and was getting great results with my patients, but I didn’t know how to consistently and effectively find more ideal clients so I could grow my business and make a bigger impact. The accelerator helped me streamline my systems and patient education to give me back my time and taught me the best practices in marketing so I don’t have to guess what to do next. Now I can see a clear path to success and the best part is it’s nothing salesy or cheesey – it’s simply using what I learned in the Accelerator to share my knowledge in engaging ways so the right people can find my clinic."

Sara DeFrancesco, ND, LAc
Thriving Force Natural Medicine, Portland/OR

The Accelerator program has taught me so much. I can honestly say that as soon as I started the program I knew it was right for me. I immediately started doing exactly what they said to do and I followed them in the step by step fashion. I tackled one thing at a time, as they said to do. I knew what my practice needed and they were offering so much information that there was no way I couldn't get some great help from the Accelerator program. This program is honestly a practice changer. All you have to do is take action on the information you are given. That's it, it really is that simple.

Michel DuPuis, MSHNFM, DC
New Life Integrative Health Center, Temiskaming Shores, ON
A Letter From Evolution Of Medicine
So many lose the big vision that they have for their practice. It’s easy to become frustrated with a system that does not help you truly heal your patients or support you to become successful in your practice.

Do not despair. It may all be within arm’s reach.  I want you to take a moment to imagine this new reality for your practice.

Imagine that nearly all the administrative tasks you currently perform are now delegated – or automated.

You now have the time, the freedom, and the creative space to focus on what’s most important to you in your practice.

Imagine that you have real education systems in place where it’s not simply you repeating yourself in one-on-one conversations with each of your patients.

You now have a way to more effectively educate your patients at scale, which saves you time, improves patient compliance, and gives them an even better educational experience.

Imagine that you have a real tested marketing system in place that works to consistently drive new patient into your practice.

You can stop worrying about marketing in the brave (overwhelming) new online world and trust that you have a marketing system that works.

Imagine that all of this is 100% possible.

This doesn’t happen overnight.  But that’s not the point of the Accelerator program.

The purpose of the program is to accelerate your ability to achieve that vision by giving you the step-by-step strategies and systems that are already working for the top practices around the world.

Within the Accelerator program we ask you to focus on the low-hanging fruit – meaning what can deliver fast results in a short period of time.

You will quickly …
  • Implement a system that shaves off a few hours a week of your time…
  • Execute a marketing strategy that brings in 2-5 more patients than the month before…
  • Begin a new educational program that saves you time with many of your visits...
  • And it doesn’t stop there.  This is an ongoing upward trajectory!
Slowly but surely, you’ll have the systems in place necessary to create and support the BIGGEST VISION possible.  

AND become part of a community of clinician-entrepreneurs that will lead the next few decades of transition to a fully integrated medical system.  The time is now.  Are you ready?
The program is your roadmap
and we are here for you, 100%

James Maskell and The Evolution of Medicine Team

P.S. Give the Practice Accelerator a 30-day test drive: Watch the lessons, download the worksheets, and join the live coaching calls... try it all for 30 days, and if you don't like it, you'll get a full refund. Just one simple condition: You must actually try the course by submitting the homework for the first module. It's test drive after all!

P.P.S. Need help? Got questions? Call us at (646) 450-4731, use the chat widget at the bottom right of this page, or send us an email at
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