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Our Mission

The rates and costs of chronic disease are rising globally. Our current medical model works well for acute illnesses and trauma, but is not adequately equipped to reverse or prevent chronic and degenerative illness.

Our mission is to help medicine adapt to its new environment, inspiring the creation of a medical system capable of effectively reversing, preventing and managing chronic illness.

We believe Integrative and Functional Medicine holds the key to solving this global problem with its upgraded operating system that empowers the patient to play a role in their own health and addresses the root cause of chronic disease.

Many challenges exist now that prevent this approach to healthcare from making its real impact.

  1. There aren’t enough practitioners who practice Integrative or Functional Medicine.
  2. Those practitioners don't have a scaled business model that can reach all of the people who are suffering from chronic illness in their community.
  3. Health consumers aren't adequately educated as to the availability of Integrative and Functional practitioners or proactive ways to create health.

To this end our first goal is to empower 100,000 Integrative and Functional "micropractices" that treat the root-cause of disease and become centers of health creation in their respective communities.

If you are a practitioner, we see you as the key to effectively solving the problem of chronic disease globally. Are you ready to join the movement?

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The Evolution of Medicine is the #1 online resource for health professionals to find out about the latest clinical advancements, practice development strategies, and health technologies.

We feature the top experts on our content platforms including the monthly Functional Forum, the Evolution of Medicine Podcast, the Weekly EvoMed News Videocast, and our annual Evolution of Medicine Summit.

Through strategic partnerships and our program to offer one-on-one practice development recommendations to health professionals, we aim to help health professionals like you to get better and faster results for your patients, save time in practice through systems and automation, and make a bigger impact in the world of healthcare.

Monthly Functional Forum Live and Online Event
Each month between 6,000-10,000 health professionals watch the live Functional Forum. Covering the most important clinical topics, practice development strategies, and the latest health technology. We’ve featured top speakers including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Leo Galland, and more. Register for the next event »
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Join the 3,000+ health professionals who turn to EvoMed first to find out about what’s happening behind the scenes in the health and medical industry. We curate the top stories from around the world that are relevant to health professionals and bring them to you in our short 20-30 minute weekly round-up episode. Watch latest episode »
Evolution of Medicine Summit
The 2015 Evolution of Medicine Summit featured over 26 of the top experts in health and medicine including Dr. Nick Gonzeles, Chris Kresser, Dr. Pedram Shojai, and many more. Click here to own the 26 video presentations, audio recordings, powerpoint slideshows, and transcripts.
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